Investment Planning & Management

Future Vision Financial Advisers have a long standing association with Jarden, one of NZ’s largest sharebroking firms.

For those clients looking to invest a lump sum of money or set up a long term savings plan we design tailor made investment portfolios.

Research and analysis is done based on a client’s attitude to risk, their goals and aspirations and their stage of life.

Our approach is to invest ‘directly’ into a diversified portfolio of NZ and Overseas shares and Investment Trusts, Fixed Interest Securities, Property Trusts and other alternative assets.

In some situations there are investments made into Managed Funds but only where it gets a client access to other forms of investment not readily available on the sharemarket.

Once the portfolio is implemented it is actively managed on a regular basis and changes made where appropriate. As a minimum, we sit down with our clients every six months to re-assess the strategies and plans that are in place.